Aloha from Hell is a 100% submission-based short comedy film fest with a love of all things creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky. The theme of this year’s fest is SHE DEVILS – incorporating the theme into your submission is encouraged, but by no means required. Have fun with it!

We review all submissions with great care, and in order to be considered for inclusion in the film fest, your video must be:

• 100% your original creation

• 5 minutes or less in length

• Comedic or satirical in nature

• Free of hate speech, racism, and misogyny

• Completed and submitted by our October 15th deadline


One film will be named Fan Favorite by audience vote at the Aloha From Hell Film Fest on October 15th, and that winning video will be shared by our buddies at Comedy Central on one of their platforms! Amazing, right? However, in order for your video to be eligible to claim this sweet sweet honor and have your art shared with Comedy Central’s massive audience, your film must also be:

• Free of any 3rd party intellectual property (i.e. no Spiderman costumes or Monster Mash).

• Not X-rated ; )

The Fan Favorite winner will be announced after the Film Festival, once all votes have been tallied. The winner will be contacted prior to announcement with further details, and if for whatever reason they opt out, the video with the next highest number of audience votes will be selected.

Show us your video!

Please submit a link to your video in the form provided. If chosen, we will contact you via email for a download link.

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